In summer, I usually reduce consumption of red meat due to the hot climate in India. Red meat being rich with high percentage of protein and fat, is difficult to digest; specially during summer when the average temperature doesn’t go below 35 degree Celcius for a couple of months. ButContinue Reading

I am not a frequent mutton consumer. But when I have it, I try to make it really big. Mutton is harder to digest compared to chicken but who cares if it is hot on your plate? Well, at least I can’t! Aachaari Gosht is one of the famous spicyContinue Reading

erves 2 Ingredients —————- Mutton (thin boneless slices) – 400 gm Water – as per need For Marinade: Red wine vinegar – 0.5 cup Tomato sauce – 0.5 cup Barbecue sauce – 4 tbsp Garlic paste – 1.5 tbsp Red chili powder – 3 tbsp Black pepper (crushed) – 2Continue Reading