One of the reasons that makes me love prawn is the wide range of experiments that can be done with prawn. It is indeed a protein that go well with spicy, non-spicy, stir-fried, steamed… most of the cooking styles. And it is so quick to cook that makes a busyContinue Reading

It always feels great to cook something very simple after a complicated experiment in  kitchen. Last week I had a handful of fresh prawns in my kitchen and I had to prepare something really quick. I thought of a typical quick toss dish and the result was nice enough toContinue Reading

Cooking stir fried prawn is not uncommon in south-east Asia and there are good number of variants for this delicacy specially in India and Thailand. I just wanted to create another variant as I was going through various other recipes with tamarind and prawn. At the same time, I neededContinue Reading

Sometimes I feel like as far as steaming is concerned, probably prawn is the best to surprise the diner. Last weekend, after a long gap, I thought of making a steamed dish with some typical twist that I always do in my kitchen. The taste might be felt bit unusualContinue Reading

Ompok is a tasty fish available specially in lakes and rivers of Southern Asia. It is famous for its very distinct but mild fishy flavor. Ompok being soft-fleshed, it needs bit more careful handling compared to sea fishes. During mid of previous week, fresh Ompoks were available at local marketContinue Reading

In India, specially in my city Kolkata, this is peak summer. During summer, its not easy to get good variety of seafood in market. Due to climatic changes, we observe variety in fish mostly post monsoon and winter but not much in summer. Still, luck favors sometimes and this SaturdayContinue Reading