The way the proteins and carbohydrates are combined in a meal varies across countries. Typically, in a Chinese meal, protein delicacies are served as a main with a small amount of carb as sides. But on contrary, in India, people usually consume the carb as main with some amount ofContinue Reading

In India, specially in my city Kolkata, this is peak summer. During summer, its not easy to get good variety of seafood in market. Due to climatic changes, we observe variety in fish mostly post monsoon and winter but not much in summer. Still, luck favors sometimes and this SaturdayContinue Reading

This is a very quick recipe with surprisingly distinguished taste from my kitchen. I made it last week when I was in hurry as it takes not much time to be served. As the name indicates, it has a mild flavor; so any protien dish with comparatively stronger flavor wouldContinue Reading

Weekends are usually kitchen dominated. Last Sunday was rainy and lazy. However, I had enough ingredients to cook as per my wish for the day. When I lived at Wellington, Nasi Goreng was one of my favorites. I loved the pungent flavor of spices in it. However, this time IContinue Reading

Serves 2 Ingredients ————— Singaporean or any standard Egg Noodles (tan mien) – 400 gm Long Green chili (slitted) – 5 or 6 Garlic (small cube cut) – 2.5 tbsp Spring onion (chopped) – 3 tbsp Chicken (julienne cut) or any other meat of choice like lamb/duck/pork/beef/prawn – 150 gmContinue Reading

Serves 4 Ingredients ————— Chicken (boneless cubes) – 250 gm Glass rice noodles or any standard Egg Noodles – 50 gm Green chili (chopped) – 5 Garlic (small cube cut) – 4 tbsp Onion (petal cut) – 1.5 cup Green capsicum (petal cut) – 1 cup Spring Onion (chopped) –Continue Reading